What is Forex, Why Should learn, How Long Day Needs? How Much Money? How Much to Invest?

Forex trading: It does not necessarily mean that someone is asking for a negotiation and for the sake of negotiation and absolutely new people who are telling him or her. Forex is a trading market where trading another currency can profit a currency. And the newest marketers can also know trading facilities in this market.

Where to go to learn Forex? 

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The simple answer is to go to a Forex training center or if you know someone you know about Forex, start learning from any star. Let's go deeper this time. Learning how to learn and go to the training center.

The time is 2-4 weeks. Glad There is no alternative to training to know better about any topic. All of us cannot do everything. In this one-month training of training center, you have started trading in the forex trading state. Now the rest of your work, you can develop as a trader in regular study and efforts. You need to take the time to practice with a long time.

And to do this, you are not forced to win training in the training center, if you want, you can achieve the subject yourself. But it takes less time to redeem. First of all, forex is not a pill made by a doctor who sings a song, or is not a package that is understood in one month. 

Forex is a long-term learning process for life time and live earning. It is a terrible way of thinking as well as a little learning, and it is a terrible day to try to gain an understanding. 

How do you start Forex Trading?


You are the first country-foreign (for the foreign language of the forex training course at the InstaForex campus. 

Mark a site and then pick out a specific time each day from your regular routine, then start the study a little bit, remember to take a quick look at it. 
how to forex trading

Do not try to force them to gain something. If you give time, then time will give you time. Share your study in three categories, or you can mess about.


There are many things that can remain vague for many years to continue with the study, in the forum. Ask whether your problem or the problem you cannot understand. There are many experienced traders who can give you a better solution to your problem. 

The demo started practicing whenever the demo ends in the trading section. Continue with your regular study. Fixed Demo Trading Practices Like How To Fix Regular Study.


Holding your Basic Study Course Auction Now you can understand and trade fair trade. So what to do now. Will you decide now, is it really possible to trade with you? How much is the love of forex learning, how much you have been able to give pleasure or how much you have been forex? 

Take the answer to this question yourself, if you are enjoying your answer, and this type of concept gives you a lot of pleasure, then I can say that you can decide to forex. And start your next step.

And if you are not able to crack yourself with this type of system, or you do not understand the world, you are not enjoying yourself, then I would say that you will not be forced to do anything, you have to understand that this type of arsenal is not self-sufficient for you. 

Do not make any other business you want, instead of trying to force it too much. Because in the first situation, at least understand that at least hope that you understand that it is an art you can give as well as a happy time, you will be able to succeed as soon as possible. 

So, because your assertion period is not positive, then you are excluded from this type of business. Because you do not know everything about everything.


Okay, you have decided that you will trade. So now the time has come for you to be the main trader. You are a student or a job. You should take 1 to 2 hours a day outside your normal activities, because you are very interested and interested in this topic. This is your second assessment: This is the reason I look very good, because the results of forced work are good Is not it. 

Forex practice as a whole option, just by keeping your normal activities right now, does not expect to return from this market very quickly. 

As an additional issue, you do not discover at a time when you are doing good business and your 4-6-month regular practice gives you positive results, you can think of investing and thinking.


Basically, you have now come to know that there are many formulas for Forex trading and many strategies. Likewise, you know more about creating stratigraphy with one subject. But it is not possible to trade again with all the issues. So now your work is to do regular trade in any style of decision making.

You know that the formula for the trade of the trades is true:

1. Technical Analysis

2. Fundamental analysis

2. And candlestick analysis

Basically, most of the trade is in Technical Analysis, Strategy and this strategy is the largest and time-consuming.


If you decide to trade in Technical Analyst Strategy, then this goal is to learn technical terms. You have already learned that the special method for trading trends is to identify the trend and make many more tools and studies to do so. 

And so start with a variety of pattern drawing, ending and execution. By doing this you will get a better idea about the pattern, then start working on advanced pivot point.


In this step, you will move one more chart to the chart, so long as you know the pattern drawings, then make sure you know how it is with Fivnasi. 

Now basically do the job again with more stride than before. Let's get started with Trading Classic Chart Patterns, by following the book, you'll be able to see how much chart patterns work effectively and how to market differently in the situation.

You can follow a good chart pattern book in your reference, but follow it. The purpose is only one purpose. As well as learning the pattern of the chart, do not take all the pattern together, it can be so terrible. 

So, after coming in a few patterns, set them up 4-5 strategies and mark their trading success through demo trading. Keep moving in this way.


This time, you have got the indicator MACD, you do not need to think about this indicator, because you probably do not know how much this indicator will be, you will be happy to know that many of the most experienced traders who are more popular than forex are their favorite trading strategies but About MACD So when the pattern is understood.

This time start with the headline MACD strategies and make regular trade. 

Keep in mind that you will find thousands of strategies for trading in the Forex market. If you take yourself into rats at all, then you do not have to trade anymore, so there is no need to become a strategic expert.


You have come to a lot of time now so far when it came so surely the trade is doing well. So you know that you have done the second assessment, so you can do forex. This is the final. Now the time has come to be an expert.

How is That Possible? 

In fact, it is not too difficult for you. Trading Expert What does this mean? It's a medal or recognition? Expert trading is good trading that you profit your Maxim trade and you keep a good knowledge of the market and understand market volatility. 

You can trade accordingly. Now these things are all but you will not get the same analysis, you should keep knowledge about the currency fringing and the recycling issue which you will get a lot of fundamental analysis, note that fundamental analysis means not only to read the economic calendar, but because of the currency fluctuate Have knowledge of what is known and economical data points Who is. 

So understand what your fundamental analysis is, as well as your technical analysis, is a juror. Now, you should know about another common analysis this time. If you want to develop yourself as a Forex Expert. Analysis of the candlestick. There is no reason to think about candlestick analysis because there is a lot of negative feedback. I do not deny myself about the candlestick-contrasting pattern.

I can give some formula so that your business can be successful, note that when you know how to enter the trade by technical analysis, If you can blend your candlestick pattern a little bit But you should not be negative treated.

Now maybe the mood is getting worse or thinks so much about the analysis, and the trade will not be done, but at the moment it seems that it is not really the case. Because when you come up with a good idea about various analytics, it's just a matter of seconds to make the order positively by ordering various animals in a single order.


Yes, you know a lot about forex. So now there is nothing to learn? Do not just trade and stay in higher dollar? I'm not convinced your taste, but I want to remind you that forex trading is not the same year throughout the year, the strategy that you are now able to trade in is the same strategy, but in another time of the year, that may not work in another month of the year.

The target can not be filtered or the trade can go against your order. How do you trade in the whole year? No-tension bars! I do not say that, but it does not happen all the time, but it is not what happens at all, but a little caution. In this case, you simply divide the whole year into three categories.

Such as:



And June-September

If you have noticed or have a good trading experience, you can also catch yourself that even if the market is so good or bad, every year, why not 3-4 time circles do not rule out anymore. So take Ideaata with annual charts. To clear so many steps you have been able to clear, you will not be able to do these things in a day or not.

So if you get some fatigue in the middle of learning or take a short break, then take a short break, because the education of disorder is disturbed by you. So, it starts refreshing again, but if you go ahead a little bit every day, not to be annoyed, but rather curiosity. 

The row can be increased. Because forex is a topical art where you get an extreme value. Obviously, before you hope you have invested a lot of money by investing in your lot, hope to do so, and then as a recompilation.

I want to give good input if you want a good return. I'm not saying you have to start trading with 500,000,000,000 or 5000 dollars. Just want to say that you have understood the trade, so think about all your aspects and invest as you think it might be $ 10000 or more. 

As well as all your analyzes, the investment is a big factor, yes, you may have to have HUGE AMOUNT investing, but you have to know how to use it in a discreet manner.

And when you can finish learning till this stage of my discussion, then I will not have to tell you how much you have to invest. What can be possible without trade? Answer: I would like to give a simple simulation, without investing, it is not possible to trade boss! 

When it's on the market, you may have heard that there are several Forex sites where you can pay bonus dollars when you post it, or some broker gives 5-10 dollars for their brand promotion. 

It is true that many people take this opportunity, but you do not have to worry about a professional trader or good discipline and uncommon trading. 

If you have a lot of interest in many things, and actually doing business collection in this way, you can lose your good fortune to the main trading and your business sentiment will be lost and you will be annoyed by the conditions. 

So come directly to the trade, without applying these things. Think of it as a business, you do not have to be an opportunity seeker. And as long as you are busy doing business, you do not have profits without investment.

Keep that in mind. Those who still do not know anything about Forex, but I have also told them to read this. I hope you have got a new business concept. Now how do you go for this new business? Want to plan all your thoughts in mind and plan a plan? 

Surely the beginning of something beautiful is the end of that half. So far, those who are harassed, disturbed by forex trading, laser will do a little research on their history, they have made a random trade or started trading without adequate practice of risk management are key issues.

So, let's say you are normal and think like a lot of business, like the hard work and non-profit of the business success. Is Forex is a different type of business that is your hard work. So the business is not acceptable to everyone and everyone can not. Do not get too excited to accelerate, or do not worry about this business as a method of getting rich overnight for somebody.

Forex is not a full-time or part-time, how important it is as a profession, because in many cases, full-time Forex traders earn enough to spend the whole day Part Time traders can do the same. Moreover, 65% of forex forex traders are part time traders. Moreover, full-time traders take good care of the mind because they are somewhat lazy. Other things do not become too much of them.

There is no need to take the full-time at the beginning. Basically the difference between full-time and part time trading is pressure, how much pressure you can take. So do not be too complicated by the subject and keep moving according to your sentiment. You can make a great deal of forex in three types of careers. 

Professional Trader or Institutional Trader:

Forex Analyst or Currency Research. E.A.A developers can do many high level jobs in many attractive post including Regulator and Exchange Manager.

If you are a good analyst in efficient trading, there is another huge possibility for you, besides trading, as an analyst. All brokerages are a huge sector of different Forex service providers.

Currency analysis can be as high as possible, and more efficiently, if you can afford a better market, you can grab a good market and long-jump all Forex organizations. So if you can build yourself as a skilled analyst then you will be able to take advantage of forex companies and give high rises, which can be $3k-$5k monthly.

You will continue to sit in your home and work according to your responsibilities as you sit in your house. So there are many prospects in this sector. The key to success in the Forex market is that you are:

Harmony + Humility + Education:

Successful people often trade with a lot of time and creating analytical skills in different ways:

Research on mathematical explanations of various topics including chart pattern, pivot point, Elliott wave, and gain the ability to understand price movement. So if the target is analyst, then keep your trade formula notes down from the beginning and updates each strategic logic and proceed as such.

Actually, you are an analyst, but because every trade you need analysis, so that you enter the trade. So always emphasize the subject. To practice, at one point you will get your targeted area But to reach that position, you must pass a mile blade of 3-5 years or more with regular study. So, in the normal way, take a few years to get rid of those things. If you do not get the benefit of any straight words, then you may have to suffer.

1. Do not trade by lone.

2. Do not trade for the target to fill the target.

3. Trade Demo as much as you invest in Live Trade.

4. Do not order the trade in Yes or No functions.

5. Occasionally break from the trade.

6. Do not compete.

7. Keep records of all trades, create positive and negative trade companies. Take a review of negative trade.

8. Get Positive Result in Two Trades Then Do Not Enhance Your Volume In Trade 3.

9. Do not trade against wishes if you do not mind.

10. Analyze the minute, 5 minute chart before opening the trade.

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