Take .001 Bitcoin with Free Frequency Payment Proof (1 LTC = 60 $)

What is Litecoin? Let's talk about thisWe all know about Bitcoin more. Bitcoin is an electronic coin whose value is currently the highest. Just like Litecoin. But Litecoin's price is less. Currently 1 litecoin = about $ 75

Some of my words:

Various professions have been found in the mid-term in the middle of the year, 1 liter - $ 500 to $ 900
Dollars will be. Now you know what you will not collect the litkayen. You know Leitkayen can be bought and sold by bKash.

So how do you get free .001 litecoin. Any ad will not be seen. You do not have to do any work. You are sure that it is worth it or it's a fake! No brother, this is the real reel I got the payment myself and then I'm sharing. I'll give proof of payment below.

You must have a Litecoin Wallet in the fridge to take the Litecoin, and if you have any COINBASE account you can take it to you. Because of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin at COINBASE. They do not have any accounts, they get crat. There are many tutorials available on youtube. Let's get started now.

From there, you will click on GET STARDED. Then a new window will appear here, give your name, email, password and the password will certainly give a big hand.

Step - 2

You will receive a verification link in the e-mail that you sent during the account creation. You will be verifying your account by going to e-mail.

If you do not create an account from my link, then you will not get 00001 Litecoin free. Because you will not get the account from the link provided by me. Nah, you do not have to be one of its referees. You can visit F.A.Q / Referral.

Step - 3

Inside 24hours you will get the .001 litecoin. I got it within 12 hours. Now let's say how to get .003 Litecoin. If you have a referral link, you can get .003litecoin if Aye Linkka shares your friend or brothers to open an account. [0.016 Litecoin = 1 $] Do not take time to make your 0.016 Litecoin, just open 6 accounts. Then get $ 1.


How to Get Your Income Withdraw or Coinbase Wallet Go to your CoinBase account at 1st and select LTC Wallet, then copy the ltc wallet address like the screenshot below.

Now coincut / click on the Funds from the Litecoin site's menu of your income, the new interface will be available on Currency BTC, you will get LTC. Now, in your address, the LTC wallet address you copied will give your Amount / LTC at the bottom of the Coinbase wallet. They give payment within 24 hours. I feel like 18hours If you do not understand the screen shot.

Step - 5

Please forgive if there is a mistake. And yes if you get the payment, please tell the comment. So that others and get the delivery.

Some Tips:

Do it with chrome browser.

BPN will not get yoose.

Do not use any proxy.

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