Now you can earn Unlimited Unlimited Income from your mobile through Magic Bitcoin

At the beginning, there is something about payment.This app is truly trusted. If you want payment proof, then search google and youtune.You will get thousands of proofs.My today's post of Magic bitcoin.

Maybe many people have heard it, Jenny Take the details today.

I made my post a few steps.

★ What is Magic bitcoin?

★ How will it earn from it?

★ Red, green and blue wallet keys in it

And what is the work?

★ How to open an account

★ How to activate the account.

★ How to get money in hand.

Hope the post is a bit bigger to read the details and work.

Step 1: What is magic bitcoin!

✅ It's a cryptococoncy like Bitcoin.

✅ whose current price is 25 rupees in Indian rupees

✅ 25 rupees have been made in just a few days.

✅ The company's target, its value within a couple of years

Reaching 1000+ rupees.
♨ Registration will be given 1 MB (Magic Bitcoin) and 1 Bitcoin, which will then be provided on conditional basis.

★ How will it earn from it?

It has the opportunity to earn income income in different ways, but now you can earn only by joining.

থেকে Get 1 MB (Magic Bitcoin) from each referer.

♨ There is reference bonus up to level 7.

Level system:

Imagine that you have joined 5 people.

They continued to join 5 people again.

Then your income will be:

1 = 5

2 = 5 * 5 = 25

3 = 25 * 5 = 125

4 = 125 * 5 = 625

5 = 625 * 5 = 3125

6 = 3125 * 5 = 156225

7 = 156225 * 5 = 78125

1MB = 25 Taka (20/10/2017 rate)

78125 * 25 = 1953125 Taka

I hope you understand the income plan.

★ Red, green and blue wallet keys in it

And what is the work?

The money you get will get 3 levels.

First of all you will refer to the red wallet.

After activating your account, it will be transferred to Green Wallet.

What you sell will be at the Blue Wallet.

★ How to open an account

✅ First download the Magic Bitcoin app from Play Store.

For download: click here.

If there is a problem to register ... the

➡ 5. Need an OTP code.

The code that goes to your email inbox. Check Spam folder if you do not get inbox.

➡6.Other time the OTP code will be inserted and the Magic Bitcoin will be signed.

And you'll get 1 Magic Bitcoin totally free.

★ How to activate the account.

You can activate the account in 2 ways.

1st: You can buy 200 mb and activate your account.

Second: With the referrer you can activate the account with 200 MB.

★ How to get money in hand.

The red walts will be transferred to Green at the 20-30th of every month and after that you can take them through Bitcoin and mobile recharge.

So do not talk, wear the job.

Hope you like the post.

Thank you.

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