Very Easy to Earn Free Bitcoin Hourly, Daily, weekly, Monthly and Yearly

Very easy to earn free bitcoin hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. At first you have to create a free bitcoin account. Go to this link. Then follow the procedure bellow to get free income from Bitcoin.

After creating a free bitcoin account, come back again this page and then follow all bellow instructions to collect free unlimited bitcoin. :)

Bitcoin Income:

1. First go to this link. A page like the one bellow will come. From here (in no. 1)-Give your bitcoin address. Bitcoin address that was created few minutes. Password for your account. Enter your password here. Enter the same password again here. Enter your password. Enter the same. Enter your email and password here. 

Repeat and, Enter the same password again here. Enter your email here. Click the diameter then Sing up button. You account is created. Email verification will not required at first. But you will verify it later when the email verification link will send.

2. Then fill the remaining two parts of the above figure and click the LOGIN button with captcha.

3. Then the page will appear below. Then, by looking at the number 1 in the section, fill the box marked number 2 and click ROLL! (3)...

4. Then if the timer (2) looks like the image below, then you will succeed. If you enter an invalid code then it will be tray again. In this way you will be able to arrange Bitcoin every hour.

Come back again for 1 hour and click on ROLL by completing captcha. Bitcoin is added to the account. After this, go to the web site after 1 hour and continue to earn. See the picture below showing my earnings in the marked area.

Payment terms:

Now come the words of the payment. They pay every Monday. If your account balance is more than 0.00005460 bitcoin, then it will automatically go to your account on Monday. You do not have to do anything. And yes, you can arrange with reference. You can view your referral link by clicking the Refer button from your homepage.

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