Income from YouTube reviews the game [Episode-03] :: All the things we need to do in this process

We need all the things we need to do in this process. We need an online game that we will record.The name of the game that we will record is DOTA-2. Now I will give a brief explanation about this game. 

Because going down to work without knowing anything is nothing but folly. The method I'm talking to you is that you will not need to play the game to work in this rule. It is important to know about some of the basic things that will help us write the title of the title later on.

Each team in Dota 2 will play two teams in each game, there will be 5 players in each team. Each team will have a fort which is called in the game of "Ancient" to win a team. Must destroy the enemy's Ancient. Every gamer player gets a chance to play the role of a hero and to win his team. To increase his level of gold, to collect gold and to collect various things. which will help the gamer to do the next.

Need a Software to Record:

You'll need a rough-quality fast computer. If your computer is bought 3,4 years ago, then hopefully you can do your job. If you have a dedicated graphics card on your laptop or desktop. If you have an integrated graphics card -HD4000 + better then.

And if your operating system is Windows or Mac. Then you can run this game in free of any operating system.

A YouTube Account:

Of course, you will need a YouTube account if you want to open a YouTube channel. At first open the Gmail ID easily and you can easily open a YouTube account. Hope this rule is known to all. I suggest you use this old Gmail account for six months or more. 

Because YouTube reviews less than that old channel video, that means if your channel is out of date, then after uploading videos of different game, on Monetization. You do not have to wait for your review to wait for a new account.

As we work with gaming highlights. We need to upload videos as soon as possible. So the old account will be the best.With the opening of an Adsense account channel, advise not to apply for Adsense. It is always good to work with patience.

It is not possible to open an Adsense account from some countries. So you have to do it before applying for Adsense through YouTube. You will be able to change the country. It will not cause any problem, it is only for the YouTube channel. 

This will not apply to your Gmail account. You can easily apply for Adsense through your YouTube account if you have not done it before. And if your Adsense application is rejected, then it will be good if you start working again by opening another account.

In addition to the YouTube account, if you have a blog written in English language. And there are 40 posts and there are fair-quality viewers, then you can apply for Adsense through that blog.

If your Adsense application is received by Google after the Adsense application, you should add Adsense to your YouTube channel, for which you will find detailed instructions on your YouTube channel.

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