Income from YouTube reviews the game [Part-02] :: All we need to do to create channels with e-gaming Income from YouTube reviews the game [Episode-02] :: All we need to do to create channels with e-gaming

In today's tune I will discuss how to manage the video content, talk about the method and discuss each subject separately which will help you to earn a good quality through Adsense from YouTube. Let's start.

YouTube channel:

At first we have to create a YouTube channel where only we will upload online gaming videos. Game record:Need to record the highlights of various online gaming.

Video uploading:

We have to upload the recorded videos and upload them to YouTube. Every day. We have to do the same thing: - We must regularly upload between 2 and 3 videos every day.

Promote (if not) facebook / twitter:You can not promote your channel by advertising on Facebook or Twitter if you want.

How you can benefit from following this method:

Regularly follow this method, your 100 videos will be uploaded in the first few months and the channel will have at least 5,000 subscribers. Within a year, your channel's video number will be at least 1,000 and at least 500000 and 1 million in 1 year Subscriber can also be obtained! 

Our goal is not that our channel will be the best video channel on YouTube! Our main goal is to upload videos to YouTube as much as possible (more than 3 days in a day!) Our goal will be: Quantity over quality.

Why would our target be?

Because the amount of adsense that we share with us is about 1 corer viewers in 1 video, you get 1000,000 videos in 1000 videos. But you can get the same amount of revenue from Adsense! We do not have any star or comedian Fames. There will be billions of viewers in our video, so our main goal is to upload the video as much as possible and everyday. Take the fair quality viewers in the videos.

We will use any game to work on this method: DOTA2 The game, I will use to teach you all this method. After learning this method you have many more games than this game, the list of which you will get the first episode-1. Regular online game releases are available which can easily get updates from YouTube.

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