Income from YouTube reviews the game [Episode -01] :: Describes e-Sports and e-Sports on YouTube

Through this method, how do we collect content for our YouTube channel and the current online content content. In this tutorial I will teach you to create such kind of content for which you will not have to physically suffer any.

In this tutorial I will teach you how to create a game channel and you can easily operate that channel.
In this course, I will teach you how to collect videos that will make the video interesting to the audience and the first page on YouTube.

Why will you build a YouTube about e-game?

This channel can be easily managed by you. If you follow my rules, there will be no copyright issues related to YouTube. And what I said at the beginning You can earn money by uploading videos without doing any kind of work.

Keep in mind-You do not have to play any type of game to make video according to this method!

What is e-Sports?

In simple terms, e-sports is on-line gaming, on the Internet, in the world, virtual games are played in virtual games-where players like real players are playing. That's not really in the computer. If you know, many e-sports artists earn money equal to the original players. So understand how wide this field is!

Why do you make a YouTube channel with e-games? Really possible to succeed by doing this?

First of all, let's show you a small statistic, The International 2015 Guitar Festival which was held in Key Seattle, Seattle, where 17,000 people

In front of this computer games have been broadcast live and millions of people watched live streaming on the live video of Gymming's videos organized at this festival. Now you can think about how huge amount of traffic can come in this type of video.

Those who are interested in gaming video, playing regular video games, they are the main traffic of these videos and work according to the rules shown with them, hopefully nobody will be unsuccessful.

Video games that really make many popular video modes which are the reason most of the online gaming fans are young / young people who are always associated with the INTERNET.

Always keep themselves updated and can be really successful if you work in YouTube on this one: Twictch Originally a video website related to Playboy, which is currently ranked number 2 in Video Streammy Among the sites.

Where do we collect videos from?

At the beginning I said we will work with e-Sports and we will collect our videos from the matches of multi-player gaming contest online. Now I will name some of the popular gaming games that are popular by online multi-player gaming and how many people play games there.

Leage of legends in short LOL (67 Million Players)

Dota 2 (8 Million Players)

Heroes of newerth (Hon) (1 million players)

Counter strike: Global offensive (CS:GO) (2.2 Million Players)

Starcraft 2 (2 Million Players).

In my tunes I will work with the "Dota 2" game and you will actually show them. Now try to answer some questions that might raise questions in your mind.

You do not need to play your game to work with this method. There is nothing to worry about if you are not interested in playing games.

All you have to do is download the game and upload the record / editing to YouTube. The best thing is that in this tutorial, I will show you the game that you work with. That game can be used in free and other online competitions can be downloaded.

Thanks to everyone, thank you everyone for reading the tune. In the next tune, I will show you step by step how to do our work, how can we set up YouTube channel + Adsense account for this work. Over time, we will be given a sense of how our earnings will be.

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