Don’t know? What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the sign currency traded through the Open Source Cryptographic Protocol. There are no financial institutions, regulatory bodies, or fixed houses for Bitcoin transactions. In 2008, Satoshi Naakamoto introduced this coin.

Bitcoin transactions are either peer-to-peer or customer-to-customer's or mobile phones. All Bitcoin processes are completed online through an open source software or through a web site. At present, the price of 1 bitcoin is around 2500 dollars. That means 1 bitcoin = $ 2500!

Create Bitcoin Account for Free:

You can create a free bitcoin at Update all information by making an account. Click on Receive to get Bitcoin address. Verify to say. Give all information. There will be a window like this below. 

A few digits in the up (Image) are shown in the address mentioned in that image. Show an address like this in your account. That's your bitcoin address. Remember that your address does not match any other address. Everyone's addresses are different. Keep you bitcoin password and login username in a safe place. Also you will verify your account via email confirmation link and mobile number. That processing will help to prevent losing and hacking you unique free bit-coin account. 

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